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“Every communication has a content and relationship aspect such that the latter classifies the former and is therefore a meta-communication.” – Paul Watzlawick

Communication happens on various levels. Paul Watzlawick differentiates in this context between the content level and the relationship level. The content level of communication refers to the WHAT of a message, the relationship level on the other hand defines HOW a message is being sent.
The figure below visualizes the importance of the relationship aspect in a communication and underlines the fact that the success of a communicational situation very much depends on the relationship aspect. As a consequence we should give our special attention to the HOW, when planning a presentation, class etc.
The relationship level of communication is composed of many different topics; among others of the way information is ‘wrapped’, meaning how a message is structured, strategies of presenting it and so on. In the following there will be presented two very useful models, which can be of help when planning the ‘wrapping’ of a discourse, speech, workshop etc.:

  1. AIDA
  2. AIDA 2
  3. 5 principles for a good presentation


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