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The golden thread

The ‘golden thread’ (12) describes the coherent and cohesive train of thought that runs through a presentation. It is very much connected to the key message, as it is the ‘thing’ connecting all parts of a presentation.

  • Why is it important?
    • makes your message more eligible and easier to follow
    • keeps the attention of the audience
    • helps the audience re-enter in the speech if they lose their concentration
  • Ways of creating the golden thread
    1. be clear about the structure and content of your presentation
      •explain the audience what is going to happen – where and how you are going to take them
    2. choose an frame that fits your topic
      •Is there a picture you can use to make your goal more visible?
      •Is there a question you want to raise or answer during your speech?
  • Verbal road map
    1. guiding to the next point
      •„I will now come to the next point …“
      •„Another aspect of the topic is …“
    2. explaining a complete change of subject
      •„Let’s come to a complete new subject …“
      •„On the other hand you can see …“
    3. going into depth (showing details)
      •„Let us now have a closer look on …“
      •„For this we have to be aware of the following details …“
    4. wander off the topic
      •„Even though there is no link to our topic, it is also important to know …“
      •„I will wander off the topic now …“
    5. call back
      •„I want to get back to my former argument: …“
      •„As I’ve already mentioned in the beginning of my speech …“

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