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Analysis, analysis, analysis
One of the most important parts of any public speaking situation is the preparation. A good preparation facilitates the elaboration of a performance, counteracts nervousness during the presentation and can help to react adequately in an “emergency situation” (e.g. mishaps, blackouts; etc. …).

Before formulating the presentation you have to analyse and determine some essential principles. There are different approaches to do that; for example:

  • Three aspects of the situation analysis
  • The Ws

The three aspects of the situation analysis are based on the three main principles of a public speaking situation. They refer to the occasion which this performance is being made for, the frameworks within which the performance will take place and the audience that will listen to it. The outcomes of an analysis of those three aspects can later on serve as guidelines when preparing the presentation.. While preparing, you can check if your presentation suits the occasion and the frameworks of the performance and if it will be adequate for your audience.

The Ws or also W-questions are the classic among all analysis strategies and even though this strategy might seem simple, it very well serves its purpose. Especially the “Five Ws” are questions whose answers are considered basic for collecting information. They are often mentioned in journalism, research, and even in police investigations. They constitute a formula for getting the big picture of a situation. In order to prepare a good presentation you also need to see the bigger picture, to perfectly adjust your presentation to this picture.

  • Who … is listening? … am I in this context? Etc.
  • What … do I want to say? …might they want to hear? Etc.
  • When … will it take place? … should I start to prepare? Etc.
  • Where … will it take place? … do I get my presentation materials from?
  • Why … am I going to speak there? Etc.

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