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Methods to convey content

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Structure your session clearly

  1. Identify the different topics which you refer to and clarify why you relate them to each other
    • By giving your audience clues on the way how you combine different aspects it is easier for it follow as the individual may have background knowledge it can fall back on.
    • It obliges you to become aware of the thoughts behind your thoughts and by retracing your own thought you prepare yourself for presenting the topic more clearly.
    Giving a presentation or workshop on migration can mean many things. By saying you look at it from a sociological perspective it becomes a little more specific. The angle can be even reduced by focussing on women. To go even a step further you might choose their role on the labour market.
  2. Reduce your content to three key points
    What are the key points?
    • They are not your entire key message, but the essence of it.
    • The essence can be referred to again and again during the presentation as it is so short. Hence it helps in pointing out the relation between different aspects.
    • Your audience can grasp it better than a blurry explanation, if it has milestones along the road to orientate.
    • It proved to be a successful method in sales.
    Key message: Life is too short to have computer issues, so do not start too late with solving them.
    Key point: Solve computer issues now!
  3. Insert intermediary conclusions
    • A good presentation is divided into blocks. The conclusion after every block summarises what has been talked about and links it with the following block.
    • These indicate the end of a part of your session
    • It is a moment to verify, if people are still with you, or to answer questions
    • It is a chance to ensure that everyone can follow the progress of the session. This is important as the session is done for them!
  4. Make use of the structure common to the greatest communicators
    See Nancy Duarte’s description:
    When selling a vision, an innovative idea you can follow this pattern:
    More generally applied you can approach your session like this:
    Here once again it might be helpful to put yourself into your audience’s shoes. Probably, what you will present is more mind-blowing for them than it appears to you. If you look for reasons check out Nancy Duarte’ presentation, she will convince you of the rest.

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