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What learning type is my audience?

There are many different ways how people absorb information. In the school context one might have heard of the different learning types. There are for example those, who learn things easier when reading them and then there are others who are the “learning by doing” types.

When presenting information, for example, as a speech, the typological differentiation according to how information is absorbed by the audience is quite similar. There are for example those that especially respond to visual information and those that can better absorb auditory information. Therefore various models have been developed in the field of rhetoric and presentation techniques, which deal with the preferences of the audience in absorption of information.

When presenting information we should therefore orientate ourselves towards our audience. Depending on who is listening to us, we have to decide how we prepare and present the information (e.g. use of presentation media, examples, abstract vs. concrete…). When adapting to the audience, you are already one big step closer to a good performance.

Three very prominent and useful examples for information absorption types:

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