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Contact with the audience

Attention getters | Change in pace or role

Change in pace or role

Similar to a good piece of music a presentation is more attractive to follow, if there are different paces and if the leading instrument changes. Obviously the latter is in this case the person who talks or the media used.

  • Forced pauses give some space for individual thinking
    1. Taking a deep breath
    2. Looking at the audience
    3. Changing media
    4. Moving around

  • Change speaker
    1. Passing the ball: Give the floor to the audience
      • What do they understand?
      • What do they think?
      • What haven’t they understood?
      • What interests them?
    2. Passing the ball: Give the floor to someone/something else
      • Quote someone who supports your point
      • Present a short sequence of a movie
  • 10 min attention span: The human brain is lazy. If it is not actively addressed every 10 minutes it tends to fall asleep. This information is particularly to be taken into consideration when the subject is very theoretical. It helps to reduce the theoretical input to 10 minutes or to split it into several blocs each lasting no longer than 10 minutes with breaks in between.

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