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How to use the tool?

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Taking the metaphor of a hiking tour, this web tool is:

  • The lugguage you are taking with you (as light as possible, but all you need also in the case of emergency)
  • The advice of somebody who took the route before or is simply very experienced
  • Meant to provide you with different kind of maps for orientation:
  • some to make you go on your trip as they trigger your curiosity;
  • some give you rough indications which ways you can take to climb towards the peak;
  • some show you what else is there waiting behind the next mountain range;
  • some give you very detailed information;
  • some warn you that conditions can change, which may cause the hike being rougher, more and different preparation necessary or other equipment needed to handle it;

At last this website’s aim is to encourage you to go on the trip yourself. Preparing yourself properly forms part of the journey!

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