Project Description

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This project is designed to help the individual who is not (or at least not yet) a professional trainer and public speaker. The focus is on the worker, teacher, supervisor, manager or brand new trainer who has to speak in front of an audience on a regular basis or train a group of individuals, make presentations at work, sell or introduce new products, etc; a task for which he or she has little prior experience. It is no surprise to most people that speaking in public remains on the top ten lists of “worst fears”.

This on the job training can strike fear into most skilled and experienced employee and it is a skill that is vital for career success, for company businesses and for networking.

The project strives to develop a training material that will help people feel more comfortable and more competent. We will explore how adults learn and take a step-by-step approach to create training sessions, presentations, public speeches, etc that meet employee, customers, students and professional workers’ needs. Training and presentation’s results are too important to leave to chance, for any kind of company or organization. This project is designed to give anyone an opportunity to identify and move through these fears and build their skills as effective speakers in various settings.

Behind every spectacular training session is a lot of preparation and meticulous attention to detail. The truly skilled trainer can make a program exciting. The learners will have fun while they are learning. The facilitator has been able to involve their emotions as well as their minds. To reach this stage as an adult educator isn’t always easy, but success isn’t just for the naturally gifted. It is possible for all of us who put effort into our personal growth and development, because we want the enormous satisfaction that comes from working with others to help them reach their potential as humans.

In terms of general benefits, public speaking helps you develop your confidence, presentation skills, and your influence on the world around you. More specifically, the skills associated with public speaking open up new professional and social opportunities. Public speaking helps you hone your organizational skills; critical thinking and listening capabilities; and the expression of your beliefs, opinions, and values; all of which are essential to success in most work environments. Whether it is in the small group, face-to-face, or large meeting context, you will be expected to express your ideas in an appropriate, effective, and clear way.
Additionally, success with public speaking in the workplace means understanding the needs of your audiences and developing messages intended for them.

Besides that, the labour market is difficult to access. The economical situation in general, presents new challenges that demand any professional within the European union to be as skilled and proficiency in many competences as possible. Public speaking, training people, making presentations, selling products or presenting new services are vital to the success of companies and organisations. Made of people, those organisations do depend on the abilities of their staff to increase, or at least maintain, the results of the company, no matter in which area they work. Although most work environments and career tracks vary, most organizational settings require public speaking skills for the purpose of reports and results delivery, all of which involve researching, organizing, and disseminating information. This information is often presented in the form of reports and public relations speeches.

As for those now looking for a professional career, a job, a new position, etc, the ability to present themselves, to speak with confidence, to defend their positions and ideas, maybe now one of the most important skills they need to succeed and achieve their goals.With all the above in mind, the SpeakUP project will provide the tools for success in public speaking.