3rd Meeting Bourdeaux, France

Aims of the meeting:

  • to present training modules
  • to agree on the pilot training and training assessment/evaluation
  • to share information about activities undertaken so far and future activities

This time the project meeting was hosted by French Partners in the buildings of MPS.
To start with partners discussed management issues.
Then Lucy Crowe gave a presentation of a case study – an exaple of public speaches: “ITT’s Annual EU Debate (2003-2013)”. the Debate is her idea to interests students in the European Union topic. Every year students prepare speach on the subject related to EU issues and try to defend they statements. For the participation they receive additional credits at the university.
The next person was Irine Dobre who gave a lecture on Public speaking rules especialy psychological aspect. Partners discussed the training modules, content and visualization on the webite. The modules will be awailable for assessment at the beginning of November.